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2021 BMW M2 CSL

2021 BMW M2 CSL

The famous German brand is to prepare a nicer version of their M2 to beat the original. The manufacturer is set to release 2021 BMW M2 CS/CSL, and spies believe that they have captured this model during the test. The old report calls it M2 GTS. A white prototype featuring several changes from the M2 Competition and, overall, looks more aggressive and Track-oriented.

Rumors speculate that CS M2 would be exclusive North America, and the limited models were available from 2020, while CSL would be an even more extreme model sold in other markets at 2021. However, it is very early to speculate at this time. Both cars will be lighter, stronger and better on the track than the competition. The latest report shows that the 2021 BMW M2 CS will debut in Frankfurt this September.

2021 BMW M2 CSL
2021 BMW M2 CSL

Spy shots

We wish there was more to show than shot-Spy, as a special prototype covered more than the last two in February and March 2019. This time, the complete car is covered in funky camouflage and because it already wears the production of Goodies, nothing special can be seen here. Carbon fiber roof and mirror cover are clear, and a prominent hood looks previously also carbon fiber. The rear Diffuser between the exhaust outlets looks somewhat different, but because of this fascinating camouflage, it is somewhat unclear. This intense M model will have about 450 horsepower in the rear wheels through and six manual speeds, or even a seven-speed. Production will probably start sometime during the next year, but first we have to wait for the September 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show.


Regarding the rest of the details, most of the additional CS are masked, but they will be carbon fiber and more pronounced than in m2. The rear spoiler and diffuser are very closed, but the general form is obvious. The front Splitter and fascia are clearer. Y-speaking wheels appear from 763 M and will be 19-inches. New carbon ceramic brakes are also.

Exterior and styling

As mentioned, the white prototype looks like the M2 Competition, with the optional M Performance Bumper front coming with carbon fiber Splitter with winglets at both ends. Grille is one of reworked 2-Series, All Black. Everything else looks the same

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